Surviving The First Trimester While Eating Gluten Free

Surviving The First Trimester While Eating Gluten Free

Surviving The First Trimester While Eating Gluten Free | oak and spoon

It’s no secret that the first trimester of pregnancy can be rough. Wether you have morning sickness, nausea or are just dead tired it’s not fun. I was super nauseous for weeks along with extreme fatigue – side note: I have no idea how people don’t know they are pregnant. I would think I was severely sick and dying (ok, that’s a bit dramatic). I also lost my appetite which was terrible because I couldn’t keep up with the blog! So finding food that seemed somewhat appealing was tough. 

I’ve made a list of the items that helped me get through the dreaded first months. Having celiac at this time can be tough (I really want a doughnut badly) but you can find alternatives to the saltine cracker. 

Glutino Multigrain Bread – I love this bread and I loved it even more during the first trimester because it’s an easy snack and fills up your sour tummy. I’d top it with natural peanut butter, banana slices, a drizzle of honey and chia seeds on mornings I could handle it. I loved it and I still do. 

Grapes – My fave fruit and the one I ate the most at this time. Finding healthy things to eat is important but can be hard when you have aversions to certain food groups (it was green vegetables for me for awhile). 

Glutino Table Crackers – The gluten-free saltine alternative! I would carry these with me so I wouldn’t get too hungry (hunger = more nausea) between meals. 

Gluten-Free Pasta – Whatever your fave pasta is could be a real life saver. I really like Wal-Mart’s store version which I believe is only available in Canada. Dressing it with some butter (vegan/lactose fee) and a few veggies and/or meat you find appealing at the time can be an easy lunch or dinner. I craved it with pasta sauce and when we were all out of that… pizza sauce. Desperate times!

Gin-Gins – I love ginger. Pickled ginger, ginger in my tea, in cookies, in a stir fry. You name it ginger, I like it. The hard or soft candies are amazing for upset tummies regardless if you’re pregnant or not. Keeping these in your bag can really keep the nausea at bay.

So there you have it, the somewhat minimal list of things I found appealing during the first trimester. I know if I ever choose to have another baby I’ll know of a few things I’ll be able to stomach during those rough few weeks! I’m curious to know, what was your go to food while you were pregnant? 

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Download Your Free E-Book: Going GF Vol. 1

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I cover some of the most discussed topics; cross-contamination, what you can and cannot eat and the surprising places you’ll find gluten. I also have a few other topics (like how you’re gonna feel like a big PIA) and I’m looking forward to helping you on this journey. 


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