Oak + Spoon is Growing!

Oak + Spoon is Growing!

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but it’s been pretty quiet around here the last few months – and I have a REALLY good excuse, promise!

Oak + Spoon is Growing!

My wife and I are expecting our first child!

Our little one should be joining us in early October – a little Libra like us (yikes!). The first trimester was pretty rough with almost constant nausea and extreme fatigue. The very last thing I wanted to do was cook or bake. The very idea of food was gross. I was so disappointed because I totally let this blog sit without any love. The good news is I’m into my second trimester and I like food again! The nausea left around week 12 and I’m doing pretty well keeping it at bay (couldn’t/can’t let myself get too hungry or there is no coming back from it).

Oak + Spoon is Growing!

So while I was down about my lack of appetite and poor blogging practices I thought maybe I should just add to oak + spoon instead of focusing solely on food I’m going to add a bit of lifestyle. More photography, maybe some fashion (I’m super stoked about having a belly + showing it off), and a few DIY things. I’m always trying to focus on one thing but my head really doesn’t work that way and I should probably stop doing that to myself. I’d love to start posting more “personal” photos on Instagram so be sure to follow me @oakandspoon 

Here’s to the future my friends!

PS. How did you find being celiac and expecting? Crazy cravings for glutenous food? I’d love to know!

*The brussels sprout in the announcement photo is because of our last name – it’s a nickname my wife and her sister endured as kids. In fact, they both have a brussels sprout tattooed on them!

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